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( process piece )


self :

I used to be disproven, but I'm different now. There's a new beginning in a different part of the country, and there's a new journal too. I have a new family of sorts, at work and at home, with two babies who need me (granted, they're fuzzy and walk on all fours). There's always a point in your life when you realize you need something different, and you need some change. I've reached a end point and a new beginning simultaneously - isn't that the double entendre of the term "commencement" anyway?


This journal is friends-only. If you want to be added, comment and let me know who you are. I'm not a terribly private person but I also prefer to know who's reading this stuff if I possibly can. Credit to Emily ( appleleaf ) for doing the layout; she does beautiful work while I merely tweak it.