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I'm Okay.

Hello all -

If you've been watching the news, you'll know there was a tragedy that occurred 5 minutes from our apartment. A bridge that spans the river for Interstate 35W collapsed in the middle of rush hour with bumper to bumper traffic on it - many injuries have already been reported and we don't want to think of the lives that were lost. Devon and I are shaken because we frequently use this bridge for personal and business reasons and could have easily been in this horrific accident.

At this point, we're watching nothing but the news and hope our co-workers are okay. We just wanted to let you know there is no reason to worry.



Soooo... what the fuck?

Not that it's really about Democrats being the most awesome ever (because as long as you don't push your morals on me, that's cool). This is just the lamest website covered under the First Amendment. Seriously. I'm a native New Yorker and now I live in the Twin Cities, and the Republicans are now invading my home turf for the SECOND time in two Presidential elections, and I'm not on any (poorly-designed) website soapbox about it. Yeah, it sucks, but I can deal. I don't see why he's not also at least acknowledging the benefits of bringing it to Denver (should that end up happening, since NYCC is also an option). The amount of revenue it will bring to local businesses would be outstanding. There's more publicity for Denver which trickles down to more tourism, creating more jobs and revenue for the city as well. Conventions also give an opportunity for those who oppose the beliefs of either party a soap box that is covered on national television venues. I'd continue with the positives, but I have to rush this in order to get to work on time, and I still want to blast his negatives.

"Damage May Occur." Well first of all, sorry but vandalism happens in any major city, and I highly doubt a bunch of middle-aged electoral representatives are going to "smash shit up". Yes, if there's major protesting, it will occur, but frankly if Denver didn't think it could handle it, it wouldn't have nominated itself as a host city, would it have?

"Traffic will be severely impaired." Ditto on Denver making a bid to host. Not to mention the people attending are there from really early in the morning to super late at night - in other words, they'll miss rush hour.

The other negatives to me don't seem to have any basis for being considered a negative in the first place, so I'm not going to bother acknowledging them.

Anyway, in other news, I'm going to start a blog with my picks of the week. I'm considering calling it "What's Hot Weekly" with a bunch of scrap (graphic designer lingo for stock photography. Sorry. I'm just used to saying stuff like that because of the job now...) and other stuff. It'll be designed sort of like a web-based fashion magazine, but with music and other stuff. Yep.

And oh yeah, this is public because everyone should know how lame that site is. Yep.


Hey guys. As you know, I'm working on the Warehouse District candle line at the moment, and I'm really excited about it! As part of my ongoing research I just created a web survey to test 100 responses for a sample of customer opinions and tastes. If you could spread it around, I'd be very appreciative. If you post it on your LiveJournal, I'll make sure to send you out a free candle of your choice when it's started up! The offer's only valid while there are more response slots left, so post it quickly to ensure and let me know in a comment where you posted it as soon as possible!

(Offer void to Sarah because she's supposed to be managing... stuff... just kidding, I'll send you one too.)

Here's the link:

Warehouse District General Opinion Survey

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I'm not a private person; that's not the reason I'm doing this. It is alluring, however, to know who is reading this, especially when I post stuff like icons (figured I'd make some for those I love ♥ ) and other tidbits. Comment if you'd like to be added, and preferably how you found this or if I know you in real life or online, and I'll add you when I get it.

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